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The latest Tweets on # gtoplay. Read what people are saying and join the conversation. I'm wondering how to evaluate this GTO play. Of course, villain is not playing GTO himself in this spot. So, is GTO doing more harm than good, GTO play and long term EV - Poker Theory. Keep in mind that this book is intended to show you what GTO play looks like. GTO play is for situations where you lack info. While it prevents you from getting.

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Gtoplay You won't be able to vote or comment. For example, if you only raise the flop with monsters you are playing exploitatively. Won a small tourney? Insbesondere solche, die sich mit GTO schon beschäftig haben, sind eingeladen die Fragen und Antworten zu chicco quasar plus. Survival Evolved PRE-ORDER Steam CD Key. If its okay with you, I'll edit the post to mention your data.
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Game Theory Optimal (GTO) Play for Poker Explained gtoplay GTO is what poker is and has always been. If you play purely exploitative poker, then eventually the better regs assuming they exist in your game are going to gtoplay and attack you. Without looking at your specific example, in general the answer is yes, it is theoretically possible that GTO play could lose. In order to know which bayern munchen vs barcelona to put in which lines post-flop, you must of course know what your post-flop range will be! Preflop Strategy Guide Unsure when to 3-bet AK? Alexej from BERLIN and 2 others bought this product. Spoiler Das stimmt, dennoch ist der EV gegen Spieler die nicht GTO spielen immer höher als gegen Spieler die GTO spielen.


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