Layout of backgammon board

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layout of backgammon board

How to play backgammon. How to set up a backgammon board. Starting position. Object of the game. Scoring in backgammon. Doubling cube. Gammons and  ‎ Backgammon FAQ: Basic Rules · ‎ Different Ways of Playing · ‎ Doubling Cube. This tan-and-black backgammon board has white and red checkers and is a perfect game for two people. Instructions are included. This game requires two dice. Arabesque Board - An ornate Backgammon board crafted with the expertise of the finest Persian goldsmiths and marble workers. The exquisite work with inlaid.


21"Backgammon Board

Layout of backgammon board - geht

Subscribe to the Free Printable newsletter. A point occupied by a single checker of either color is called a blot. As you can see, each player moves in an opposite direction. A checker may be moved only to an open point , one that is not occupied by two or more opposing checkers. White wins 2 points 6 4 In this example, White and Black are playing a 5-point match. Orange Order Sands Led Forward. If a player refuses a redouble, he must pay the number of points that were at stake prior to the redouble. White rolls and bears off two checkers. Backgammon Game Creative Things Reuse Upcycle Recycling Stencils Weird Diy Ideas Diy Projects Forward. Movement of the Checkers To start the game, each player throws a single die. When a player is doubled, he may immediately redouble beaver while retaining possession of the cube. layout of backgammon board


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